What’s a Smart Meter

UK Smart Meter Programme

The Government’s UK smart meter programme aims to replace around 53 million gas and electricity meters by mid-2025 and emsSmart is part of this.

While energy suppliers are responsible for the management and roll-out of the smart metering programme, emsSmart is providing funding and other services throughout this programme.


Advantages to Customers

Smart meters operate in virtually ‘real time’ so customers can anticipate how much their energy bill will cost due to the accurate and detailed information their meter provides.

Benefits of smart meters include:

  • Customers being able to manage and control their use of electricity and gas with the current increase in energy bills.
  • More control for customers over their energy estimated bills.
  • More accurate and near real-time information on energy use and costs.
  • Enables faster switching enhancing retail competition in the industry reducing costs and improving customer service from suppliers.
  • Lower industry costs enabling savings to be passed on to the customer.
  • Increased development of new products and services.
  • Faster and easier switching of energy suppliers.
Environmental Benefits

The roll-out of smart meters will play an important part in Britain’s transition to a low-carbon economy.

  • Reduced consumption means fewer carbon emissions.
  • Smart meters will allow consumers to be more aware of their carbon footprint, helping meet some of the long-term challenges faced to ensure an affordable, secure and sustainable energy supply.