Enabling innovation for a sustainable energy future

The Company

emsSmart is part of Equitix Management Services Limited (“EMS”) supporting the UK’s smart meter programme.

In September 2020, Maple TopCo (MapleCo), a UK smart-metering business, was acquired by Equitix managed funds from OMERS Infrastructure management Inc., Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board and SSE Plc. In July 2022 the Management Services Agreement was transferred to EMS under the brand emsSmart.

MapleCo was established in 2017 and as of March 2022, it had an asset base of over 2.4m installed meters.

emsSmart provide the financial and management services and resources to MapleCo and support its on-going operation as both one of the UK’s leading meter asset providers and as a critical part of the UK’s energy infrastructure, backing the green energy transition and helping advance the UK government’s policy goals.

EMS Website  https://equitixms.co.uk

Our Mission Statement

Enabling innovation for a sustainable energy future

At emsSmart, our team has decades of experience in the metering industry, which means that as our metering infrastructure continues to evolve, we have the expertise needed to support UK energy suppliers through the transition to a more sustainable, smarter energy system.

We can negotiate flexible lending terms with our investment partners to ensure that you receive optimum terms against your MAP requirements, and our long-standing relationships with a number of meter manufacturers mean that we can secure you the best price for every asset you purchase. You can also rely on emsSmart to know where every single one of your smart meters are at all times. We’re experienced in handling churn, so you can rest assured that you won’t be left with stranded assets.

emsSmart has a UKAS ISO certified Integrated Management System covering Information Security Management Systems (ISO 27001). This reinforces our confidence that our processes are robust and sufficient, and the underlying principle of continuous improvement is a core value of the business.

We’re committed to supporting the utilities sector for the long term, so as we grow, we’re expanding our expertise into new areas. As we transition to net zero, and the energy system evolves to become more reliant on renewables and decentralised assets like batteries, the way customers use utilities is changing. So we are always developing new ways to help you to stay ahead of the competition with products that empower your customers to take control of their energy use, such as smart water meters.

With our support, you can provide maximum value for your customers, while receiving maximum value from your assets.

Financial Information

emsSmart is part of Equitix Management Services Limited, company number 6904246.

Please see the Companies House website.

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